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A Spa with Turkish Bath

Thanks to the presence of a modern Turkish bath, the Prince Spa is one of the most well-equipped wellness centres in Rome. The Turkish bath, which is decorated with coloured mosaics, is one of the main features in the Wet Area of the Spa where you can recharge both body and mind and treat yourself to moments of complete relaxation enabling you to totally unwind. This is the perfect spot in which to give yourself a break from everyday life and make the most of a treatment that will bring you considerable benefits. The Turkish bath consists of staying in a closed environment with very high levels of humidity, generally between 90 and 100% and a temperature that ranges from 40° to 60°. Most importantly, a reasonably lengthy stay is required in order to ensure a high level of sweating and to guarantee various benefits to the entire body. A Turkish bath dilates the blood vessels and thus helps to improve the body’s circulation.

It effects a marked cleaning and purification of the skin. It assists the cellular regrowth of the skin which becomes more luminous, more elastic and softer. This is a very special treatment that tones, relaxes and reduces stress. So, it is ideal not just for the body but for the mind as well. Normally, the experience of sitting in a Turkish bath involves a combination of hot and cold temperatures. Initially, you would sit for a minimum of 15 minutes in a room that is full of steam that is coming from heated water vapours.

Then, you would dive into a cold-water bath or take a quick cold shower. Whilst you are in the steam room, it is recommended that you lie down or sit with your legs raised to a higher level than your torso. This will further assist an improvement in your circulation. It is also important that you are familiar with your own body’s tolerance levels for heat. It is essential that you rehydrate your body with fruits, vegetables and juices in order to replace the fluids that your body has lost through sweating. The Turkish bath at the Prince Spa is right in the centre of Rome in the Parioli district, close to the Villa Borghese and just a few minutes on foot from the Via Veneto. Like the rest of the Wet Area at the Prince Spa, the Turkish bath is open every day from 08:30 to 22:00 hours.


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