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Your Luxury Spa in Rome

From the ambience to the services, from the fittings to the staff, everything about the Prince Spa speaks of luxury and will enable you to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience in the heart of Rome. This is a place that embeds itself perfectly into the ancient soul of the capital, because the Prince Spa is also a temple in its own right, a location that is dedicated to the cult of beauty, both in body and in mind. But, what also transforms this spa into a centre of luxury is the range of products and treatments that are available, providing a series of unique ideas for your enjoyment, right in the heart of the Italian capital. The Prince Spa provides a diverse range of services within the 2,000 square metres that houses the spa and offers the opportunity for complete relaxation and fun at any time of the year.

This is the case with the outdoor and indoor pools, both of which are elegant settings that are perfect for relaxation but also for enjoying a quick snack in a peaceful and pleasant oasis. Exclusive spaces, where every guest feels privileged, looked after, pampered and the centre of everything. The luxurious experience that the Prince Spa can provide also includes a wide range of treatments and massages with numerous options to choose from which will be able to satisfy every level of expectation.

And let’s not forget the hair-stylist at the Spa, an exclusive service that we can provide for our guests and which rounds off the wide range of solutions that are on offer for the care of your face and body. Luxury also means being able to rely on spaces that are equipped with modern technology as is the case with our gym that is fully fitted with the latest state of the art equipment from Technogym. And finally, you will find the same feeling of exclusivity and originality in the private events or elegant and classy appointments that you can make inside the Spa.


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